To meet the demand of increasing enrolments and to further strengthen our educational outcomes, Oakhill College has committed to a significant and ongoing Master Plan. While tradition and a simple, rural, family school charm are all cornerstones of Oakhill College, we must offer contemporary learning and green spaces which are designed to continue achieving our excellent educational outcomes.  

The Innovation Hub is the first phase of the Master Plan. To embrace technology as a tool for research, learning and communication, Oakhill College needs to upgrade and enhance our current science and technology facilities, which includes science labs that have not been significantly upgraded since being built in the late 1960s. 

We are thrilled that we have commenced the College Master Plan, having engaged the services of BVN Architects, for the design of an inspirational and modern Innovation Hub and MostynCopper as the Project Mangers for the planning and delivery phases of the development and FDC Building as our Project Builders. 

Our Innovation Hub will house both Science and TAS faculties, offering our students a state-of-the-art learning environment. The Innovation Hub will provide spaces for hybrid (timber, fabrication and robotics), computer, graphics, science and laboratory spaces. This will offer an experience of schooling that will prepare our students to thrive in our rapidly changing world and empower them to explore new ideas, reflect, and become knowledge-creators with their peers. The Innovation Hub will provide a suite of state-of-the-art labs, facing into the centre of the school site. Incredibly and coincidentally, after all these years, the science and technology labs will be on the same footprint as the original science building built around 1938. 

Extensive landscaping will also be undertaken, as well as an extension of the current driveway, which will continue through the College and lead to the Innovation Hub opening out onto the courtyard. The Oakhill walk will meet the Innovation Hub, with the Ceremonial walkway connecting the cemetery.

Our hilltop precinct will also include additional green spaces, seating, cafeteria, careers, counselling and pastoral care facilities and will provide modern spaces and enhance amenities appropriate to the needs of staff and students.

A new lift is being installed at the back of the Solomon building allowing complete pathway access throughout the College.

To keep up to date on our Master Plan progress read about the latest news in our Community Newsletters:

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